Friday, September 30, 2011


suppose I should start by sayin' I'm not new to blogging...I had one that I kept pretty faithfully for over 5 years...but as they say..LIFE HAPPENS and I found myself kinda..carried off in the under-toe for a while...but..I'm baaa-ack...

I'll give you all a moment to throw confetti (or rotten tomatoes) and otherwise cheer (or jeer) as you see fit...


alright..moving on...after a kinda long break I felt like I needed a fresh start...and I guess the best way to do that is with an introduction...

so for those of you who don't know me...I'm a housewife..married to a super awesome guy (who I probably don't deserve) I almost never call him by his actual name so to avoid confusion..I will most likely always refer to him here as 'the spousal unit'
we've been together for 22 years (married for 15)
we never got around to having kids..kinda never grew up ourselves I guess..but we have an awesome niece & nephew combo (they are both 7) ..being an aunt is the best!!'s like all the benefits of being a grandparent..without having had to raise the original kid!! WOOT!

the girl (we call her 'the monkey') belongs to MY sister..and lives in Arizona...the boy belongs to HIS sister..and lives less than a minute down the road

strangely though..if I tallied it up..I bet we see the monkey more..even though she lives 2000 miles away

we live in the HUDSON VALLEY in 'upstate' NY (I say 'upstate' because true upstaters would not consider THIS upstate..but I want to clarify for all y'all who think NY is one big city..that I am not in the city! ...not that there's anything wrong with the's just not where I happen to be..and for some reason people not from NY seem to get confused easily by offense)

for those of you not familiar..this is one of the most beautiful places in the entire country (if not the world) ...full of awesome architecture, mountains, trees (fall in the hudson valley is..AMAZING!!) ..creeks, lakes...and of course the hudson river..which is pretty (if ya don't look directly at the actual water) ..and farms...lots and lots of farms!!

which is great for someone like me..who likes to cook..and eat..and cook...
that's kinda my thing...I cook..people eat..everyone smiles..we're all Martha Stewart would's a good thing!

I also bake...people prolly smile more about that..but seein' as how I'm a housewife an' all..cookin' is part of my job description...I bake because well..who doesn't like a cookie??

I started doing both out of necessity...when the spousal unit and I first got married I had never cooked anything in my life...

(that's not time when I was about 14 I made something out of a richard simmons cookbook..I don't recall exactly what it was..but I remember it contained mass quantities of pimientos..which to this day make me want to throw up! ...with one exception which I'm sure I'll write about sooner than later) the beginning we lived with my mother and I worked with her in her store 72 hours a week..while the spousal unit went to the end of the day we pretty much holed up in our room (this whole period in time is a story for another day) but the point for now is that we ate A LOT of take-out and fast food..actually that was pretty much ALL we ate...

fast forward a year or so..I had gotten totally burnt out and walked out on my job..he finished school..we got our own place...and once it became clear that I was not going back to work...I thought it best I do something to justify my new status as 'housewife'

we were both sick of fast food and take out...I wasn't used to eating that way and I didn't want to get used to it! ...and he..well when I met him he ate pretty much nothing but junk food..but as he got older he got more into nutrition and caring about what goes into his body (and my body too cause he luvvvvvs me :) we're both pretty disgusted by the packaged food industry!! (again..another story for another day)

also I missed some of the food I had grown up I asked my mother how to make a few things...and dug out a bunch of my grandmother's old magazines and started trying recipes

after some near disasters I found my groove and discovered I'm actually not a totally terrible cook...

the baking came when our first Christmas on our own rolled around and we had NOOOOOOO money...someone (when I remember who..remind me to stab them in the eye with a rusty spork!) suggested that I bake for seemed like a decent plan..looking back I have no idea how I pulled it off!! kitchen was ill equipped to say the least and I had never really baked anything before (strange considering that place where I used to spend 72 hours a week was a BAKERY!)

it kinda snowballed and now I'm threatened with bodily harm if I dare consider showing up anywhere without some kind of baked good...sometimes I complain..but usually it makes me's nice to know I don't totally suck at EVERYTHING hahaha ...but's nice to be able to do something that people appreciate and that makes them smile :)

aside from housewifery..I also draw..take lots of way too much tv (or so I'm told..personally I don't believe there is such a thing as TOO MUCH tv!!) ...LOVE movies (mostly horror and comedies) and music (mostly metal and classic rock) ...I say and do a lot of goofy things..I'm a total dork and proud of it!!

as for my writing you can see..I don't use proper grammar or punctuation...basically I write like I speak..if we were having a conversation this is pretty much how the words would come out (minus all the dots of course :) ..what ya see is what ya with everyone there are always some bumps in the road..but all in all life is why not share it?


  1. Welcome back to blogging, Brandi! :D

    I've been to upper state New York and it is totally beautiful, you're right. The annoyance you feel when people assume you're talking about Nooo Yawk City is probably the same as I feel when people assume that because we live in CA we're running around on warm beaches or driving in Beverley Hills...we're up above San Francisco and it's nothing like LA up here. It even snows here sometimes (very light, still...much heavier north of us, though)! People forget that CA is a loooong state and the further north you go, the more the weather and terrain changes.

    And I love your writing style. I'm very glad to see you (and Bill!) back again. :) I've missed you. :):):)

  2. O.M.G!!!

    You're blogging again, too!! Everyone's doing it!!

    I missed you all soooooo much.

    And you, Miss Brandie....I thought you'd fallen off the face off the earth!!

    So glad to see you back.

  3. Yeah, see, Mimi? EVERYONE is doing it again! So why don't you? :)


    C' know you want to. And personally, I'd love to know what's going on in your life, too. :)

  4. Welcome back! Love the blog, it's great! Our similarities continue, I'm an Aunt as well, no kids, love being an Aunt!

  5. Adrienne ~ that name is gonna take some gettin' used to...might hafta just call you 'A' hahaha
    ...if you're talkin' about when you were in NY with Tony a year or two ago..that was NOT upstate hahaha -- but yes..your situation is exactly the same!! ..I totally get that you're not all beachy/beverly hills...where I live is mostly all farms and dirt roads...we don't even have sidewalks or traffic lights let alone neon and skyscrapers!!

    and thanks :) ...I missed you too!!

    Mimi ~ I'm sorry...I feel terrible about just vanishing like that..I was kicked in the head by a mule (figuratively of course) haaa ...I'm glad you're glad I'm back..I missed you too :)
    and yeah...what A said!! ..gets to bloggin' missy!!

    Jessica ~ thanks :) ...and yeah being an aunt is awesome..I just wish my niece lived closer!

  6. Welcome Back!!!! Yipee! I feel like such an idiot...I couldn't figure out who this 'Brandi' person was who was leaving comments on A's blog.

    The Monkey is 'seven'?? How can that possibly be when I still think of her as the (very) little girl you used to write about.

    Yup, I also understand the upstate NY thing. After all, we still get tourists - not saying from what country - that show up here in the summer and are surprised that the weather's warm when they expect to see snow. Really. And that's an improvement...they used to ask to see the igloos.

    Say hi to 'Bill'- I'm looking forward to hearing all about the adventures of B & B. I've missed you!

  7. Jocelyn ~ yeah I was being kinda vague...sorta..although most people usually recognize me right away even without a name hahaha

    YES the monkey is SEVEN!! I can't believe it either...she's a real grown up girl with real grown up attitude haa oh boy!

    as for idiots..err I mean people who think Canada is all a frozen tundra 12 months of the year..and CA is all beaches and 90210...and NY is all one giant HUGE city...alls I gotsta say is...FUCK EM! it ain't our job to edumicate their dumb asses!

    OOH I'm in a MOOD!!

    anyway...I missed you too!! :)