Tuesday, November 1, 2011

weekend update: bloodbath in brandiland...

this past Saturday was one of those days where we had to try to cram 2 days worth of stuff into one morning...it doesn't help that the spousal unit and I both subscribe to the 'why do today what can be put off till tomorrow?' philosophy when it comes to chores!

so we knew we couldn't just lounge around and wake up slowly like we'd LIKE to do on a chilly Saturday morning...a major FREAK snowstorm was predicted to start around noon and we needed to take care of some fall cleanup outside...plus we had to get at least ONE of our old rust buckets...err I mean 'classic trucks' out of the driveway to make room for the plow guy to move snow around...

when I woke up I noticed what looked to me like the cat had barfed on the carpet near the front door...typical! ..god forbid she ever do it on the kitchen floor where it's easy to clean up! ...or how about on a day where I don't already have a million other things to do?

but the more I looked at it, grunting at the prospect of having to clean cat puke out of the carpet the more I noticed it looked awfully DARK...her barf is usually the color of her food (a tannish-mustard yellow color) ...and this looked BLACK!

this mystery helped inspire me to drag my lazy ass out of bed and investigate...so I turned on the lights and saw that what was on the carpet more closely resembled a pool of BLOOD than a hairball!! ...this had me confused, as everyone was accounted for and seemed to be alive and free of any gaping flesh wounds!

as the morning haze lifted and I continued to look around the house, I noticed there was blood EVERYWHERE!! all over the kitchen floor, the breakfast bar (nobody eats there..it's more a catch-all spot for all our mail and stuff), the little table next to my recliner...and of course..the puddle on the carpet...

it looked like a crime scene...so of course the spousal unit and I were playing detective..trying to piece it together all Dexter-like..determining the directionality of the spatter and whatnot heh!

we could NOT imagine WHAT the hell was going on...we could see that WE were clearly ok..so it HAD to be the cat! :/

this looked like an awful lot of blood for a little cat to lose! ...and where was it coming from? if she's throwing it up, is it internal bleeding or did she swallow it somehow (maybe she killed a critter...a large bloody critter!) ...but there was no sign of a struggle or any other critter leavins (a body, some fur...or that little organ they always leave behind)

I started to worry...so I did the first thing you do when your cat might be sick...I had just bought a whole bunch of fancy feast, which we give her as a treat...so I opened one (it's well known that when you open a can..if the cat comes running they are ok..if not..SOMETHING is wrong!) ...she came running...so I thought THAT is a good sign...but then she didn't really eat much (usually she devours the whole thing in just a couple minutes) ...a few minutes later I see her walk by and she has blood dripping from her face!!!

not just a drop...but like..MAD blood..pouring out!! ...I couldn't tell if it was coming from her nose or her mouth or what...so I started to kinda freak out! ...we called the vet..who took her right away

long story somewhat less long...the vet determined that she had somehow CUT the underside of her tongue (that weird veiny part) ...she tried to show us...and sure enough..she has a big gash...looks like someone tried to cut out her tongue (ok maybe it's not THAT bad) hehehe

so NOW the mystery is WHAT the hell did she cut it on?? we can't find anything that looks like it could have caused this...there were no cans laying around with jagged edges for her to lick...nothing sharp anywhere...

so we're only giving her mooshed up, soft food..and antibiotics to help it not get infected...and it seemed to be better..until last night when it started raining blood all over again...I noticed a few drops...and when I went to get a paper towel to clean it up I saw huge pools of blood all over the breakfast bar again, some books and magazine...my check book..some fruit...the CLEAN laundry!!

~sigh..I'm afraid if this keeps up she's gonna need a transfusion!! or at the very least we'll need to hire a crime scene clean-up crew to take care of the mess!! ...this morning I woke up to blood all over the arm of my semi-new couch!! ...so much for this place FINALLY looking half way decent...the two newest things (carpet and couch) are all stained up with blood!! (feel free to share any blood removal methods...cause what I've been doin' ain't workin'!)

anyway..so that's that... 

in other news: like I said..we had a crazy storm that dumped over a foot of heavy, wet snow on us! rather than share photos of our little bloodbath...here are some pics of the great SNOWPOCALYPSE!!

we were getting a few inches an hour...here it is a couple hours in!!

this is pretty much the same view the next morning...

more of the back yard...

you can hardly tell there is a big ol' truck parked under that tree!!

isn't it pretty?

as you can see..some trees still have their leaves...

some haven't even changed color yet!!

because MANY trees still had leaves this caused major damage and power outages...we got lucky in brandiland..only lost partial power and no real damage to speak of...just pretty white stuff (which thankfully, is melting rapidly as we speak!) it was a lot of snow..especially considering the time of year (we don't usually start getting any real snow until late November)
it made a HUGE mess..many people are STILL without power...we got off easy! and because we were sorta snowed in..we got to do pretty much NOTHING on Sunday...which was a nice rest after the crazy day we had on Saturday!!
so...that was our weekend..I hope yours was less eventful!!


  1. Oh no your poor kitty! :( What on earth is she doing to cut her tongue that way? I'm assuming the vet checked her teeth, if any are broken? I can't imagine what's causing it. :( Please update when/if you find out more information. Poor little thing! :(

    And the storm, wow! Crazy so early, but beautiful pics!

  2. That's one of the strangest things I've heard about a cat! I would've been totally freaked out too.

    Try Oxyclean for the stain removal. The powdered stuff mixed with some hot water.

    As for the snow...better you than me! ha ha

  3. A ~ I have NO idea!! ...I wish I did know so I could stop it!! ..she's been bleeding all over my house for days now :/ if it doesn't improve soon I'm gonna call the vet again
    it was so cute yesterday though...she was cleaning herself when she noticed she was bleeding AGAIN...and she quick ran over to the door mat like she knew she needed to get off the carpet!! ...I wish she'd do that EVERY time!!
    and of course I'll keep ya posted :)
    and thanks :) ...I had to freeze my little feetsies off to take them hehehe

    Mimi ~ it's totally weird, right? crazy!!
    awesome..thanks! I'll definitely try the oxyclean! :)
    as for the snow..ugh! I hear ya! ...fortunately it's melting..hopefully it's early enough in the season that it will all be gone for a while before we get any more!!

  4. oh my lord that is awful!!! I am so sorry to hear your baby is hurt :-( what vet do you go to?

    OH speaking of animals, "you know who"'s dad is the animal control officer for your area..... lol random thoughts.. lol

    Maybe their's a heating vent somewhere with a shard sticking out? or some kinda branch she is chewing on? Do you have any hidden cameras you could set up? Maybe out put a cone on her? Maybe she scratched her own tongue? i dunno, just thinking outloud...

    So blood removal I usually pretreat with "Tide with Bleach Alternative" then throw things in the wash, and it always gets blood out.
    here are some solutions I found online http://www.housecleaningcentral.com/en/cleaning-tips/floors/remove-blood-from-carpet.html

    yes that last one says menstrual, lol but I figure, hey blood is blood right?

  5. I've been goin' to this chick Barbara in Shekameko...she seems decent (beats the crap outta PP vets anyway)
    I was thinkin' a cone might help too...but I think the real problem is when she eats...every time she eats or drinks it opens back up :/

    haa..ya certainly have given me a lot to read about blood stain removal! hehehe thanks! ...and yes, I do believe blood is blood! hehehe