Tuesday, July 3, 2012


is there a prize for worst blogger of the year? if so I think I should get it!
I really need to keep a list of things I want to write about when I have time...cause it never fails..when I'm too busy to sit down and actually write, I'm often composing a brilliant post in my head..which always somehow seems to evaporate by the time I have a moment to actually sit down and type

sometimes I wish my childhood fantasy of a DREAM RECORDER would finally be invented...I mean so many of the things we saw as fantasy when we were kids (video phones, clones, face eating zombies, etc.) actually exist now...so why not??

of course it would be AWESOME to be able to record and re-watch your dreams when you're actually awake enough to figure them out...but also how handy would it be to have a way to record your thoughts..like at times when you can't remember why the hell you walked into a room..or more importantly..like I said..that brilliant blog post you so perfectly composed in your head whilst up to your elbows in dirty dishes yesterday!

granted..as a child I didn't really stop to think about how that sort of thing could be used for evil...but still I mean wtf..so could your google search history, right?

that doesn't stop us from (albeit, reluctantly) typing in '2G1C' just once to see what the hell all the fuss is about, right? right?? hahaha (fyi..I abbreviated that in the hopes that gross people won't stumble in here..although I'm sure it didn't help!)

maybe the brain recorder could be hardcore password protected...but then of course if you THINK the password it would record and then there it would be for anyone to use to access your thoughts..or could they?? ...I guess they'd need your password to access your password

what if YOU forget your password? would you get amnesia??

ok..obviously some kinks need to be worked out...but I'm sure as soon as the government figures out how such technology could be useful..it will somehow be mandated that we must be immediately implanted with the device..or face stiff fines..err..taxes!

anyway...this is not at all what I imagined I would post about when I sat down to write today...but now of course I have Cheap Trick's DREAM POLICE stuck in my head...which is making me think of Fast Times at Ridgemont High..and now I'm scanning my dvd collection...so I'm gonna just shut up and hit publish now...before I forget!


  1. I've never watched 2G1C, but I've watched videos of others watching it. That was enough.

  2. I didn't get through more than a few seconds of it...once I realized what was happening I bolted! I was just using that as a disturbing example of why 'we' wouldn't want people seeing our thoughts...but you knew that hehehe
    ugh..I can't even watch videos of people watching it...even just thinking about it makes my stomach do flip-flops!
    I should have known better than to use THAT example...