Wednesday, October 19, 2011


so in the comments of my last post Jocelyn asked (rhetorically, I'm sure) where I find these things...and in the case of the tampon crafts (haha that sounds like some kinda strange Nancy Drew mystery!) ...the answer is PINTEREST!

if you live under a rock (like me!) you may ask..what the hell is pinterest? well...according to wikipedia "pinterest is a vision board-styled social photo sharing website where users can create and manage theme-based image collections"

they make it sound so boring and technical...according to ME it's MUCH much cooler than that!! ...since the photos link back to web sites (for example someone had 'pinned' the tampon ghost onto their 'halloween' board...I clicked on it and it brought me to the tampon craft web site...get it?) ...basically it's a fancy social 'bookmark' or 'favorites' system...where people from all over the world collect and SHARE all the nifty crap they find online

in other words it's TOTAL FUCKING AWESOMENESS!!

basically you create 'boards' onto which you 'pin' (or 're-pin') various items...the boards are categorized so that other people with similar interests can find stuff they might like...for example if you search for halloween costume ideas, you'll find oodles of pictures of different halloween costume ideas that various people have can re-pin the ones you like to one of your own boards so that you can remember to check them out in the the future (chances are the pic has a link attached to a web site that will tell you how to make that costume..or where to buy it)

you can also 'follow' people or individual boards if they tend to pin things that are of interest to you...this way you can see when they pin something new...

needless to say..I'm slightly addicted...
it's a GREAT place to find cheap & easy DIY

or these:
punched paper wrapped glass vases used as candle holders!! ...BRILLIANT/BEAUTIFUL!! ♥ 

and home improvement this...when I saw this my mouth hung open for at least 5 minutes!! ...whenever I get to build a dream house..I WANT THESE!!

trash/recycling chutes that go directly to the garage!!

no more messy garbage cluttering your kitchen and stinkin' up your house...oh yeah..that's for me!!
or this fabulous storage idea!!
kinda makes me wish I didn't have cathedral ceilings!!

if you're hungry there are TONS of amazing recipe ideas...for example:

WTF...OMFG and whatever other abbreviated obscenities you can think of...dat shit looks GOOD!!

you can even learn how to make:

if you're feeling nostalgic..take a trip down memory lane with other people who grew up in your era... (in MY case the 70's & 80's)
I've gotten many warm fuzzy reminders of growing up with items like:
candy cigarettes...back when they were still allowed to be called cigarettes!!
and who could forget THESE hideous things we all HAD to have...
 I think Dr. Scholl had an ulterior motive...just sayin' get the's lots of fun and a great way to procrastinate while simultaneously finding ideas for projects you can procrastinate on in the future!! :)

to kick-start your own HERE
and if you can follow me... HERE


  1. I LOVE pinterest, I am completely addicted to it!!!!!! Glad you are too!!!

  2. OMG, my daughter-in-law just told me about it! Srsly 15 minutes ago! When I saw it was your blog title, my jaw dropped, lol!

    But I can't seem to get an account, it said I'm on a waiting list. :(

    Which is weird since she got an account an hour ago. :(

  3. Holy crap on a cracker!! That looks totally awesome.

    Because I need something else to waste my time on....thank you so much. ;-)

    I really need time management lessons.

  4. Jessica ~ now we can REALLY see how much we have in common! hahaha

    Adrienne ~ see what ya miss when ya ditch fb?? haha ...that's so funny! what are the odds? it must be becoming the IN thing...I saw yesterday that Paula Deen is now pinning..if celebrities are doing it ya know it must be cool (that is the sound of me re-thinking my love of pinterest haa) ...but seriously it rocks! you will totally dig it!! the cat stuff alone will make you smile :)
    I had to 'request an invite' and wait a little while for the email...I think that's normal

    Mimi ~ it's dangerous for sure! but I think you'll have fun with it! I bet there are at least 47 different pins for tutorials on how to better manage your time LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  5. No, you're right, it's because I dropped FB. If you have FB or Twitter, you can get one right away. Of course, I have two other Facebook accounts that are business related and 3 Twitter accounts, personal and two business but I'm being stubborn and refusing to sign up for anything that bases their sign-ups on having an account somewhere else.

    Yes, I know. Cutting off my nose to spite my face. *sighs*

    I just don't like it that Facebook is SO pervasive that you cannot even use non-Facebook websites if you don't have a FB account, I hate that so much! ARGH!


  6. huh?? I didn't use the email attached to my fb account to get pinterest...and my pinterest account isn't tied to my fb account at took a day or so to get the 'invite' (or maybe it took me that long to check my mail) ...but nothing about fb was involved at all..I think at first it asked me to link it to my fb and I did only because I wanted to 'test' how they interacted with eachother..and I did it with an account that I don't use..then went into my settings and un-linked them...just because I hate how everything is linked together anymore!! drives me particularly nuts with google/gmail I hear what you're sayin'..but it shouldn't be an issue with pinterest...

  7. It's Aid. Yeah, I know; if you are logged into Facebook, it automatically "recognizes" you. You won't get the message I do because I am logged out of Facebook and I erased my Facebook cookies.

    If you want to see the same message someone like me without Facebook gets, you'd need to log out of Facebook, then see what happens if you try to set up an account.

    So you don't even know that it's linking you to your Facebook information when you sign up because it recognizes you from the cookies in your browser. How insidious is that?

    I did get an email from them yesterday, it says this:

    "You're in! (I got all excited for a second)

    "I'm excited to invite you to join Pinterest, a social catalog. I can't wait to have you join our little community.

    To create your Pinterest account, click the link below and push the blue "FB Connect" button. You can also join with Twitter."

    So I clicked on my link and it took me to a big blue button that says "FB Connect", just like they said it would. And it asks me to set up a Facebook account.

    So...yeah. Another reason why I freakin' hate Facebook.

  8. oh well forget it...if we're gonna start boycotting websites where you have to have an account with one to get into another we might as well save the money and shut off our internet
    have you met google??
    you do realize that blogger (and just about everything else) now requires you to have a gmail account, right? ...what's the difference between 'them' having access to all your fb info..or all your gmail info??
    this is just the nature of the internet matter where you are online 'they' are tracking you..gathering info on everything you see, say or do...

  9. You're right, it's a lesser of the evils these days. The days of going wherever we wanted anonymously are not what they were. Still doable, just not very easily. But Google only shares information generally speaking; as in, so many people did this or liked that. Not me as an individual. And I signed up for Blogger and Google+ so I expect them to "know" me when I log in.

    But Facebook shares my personal information; my name, age, how many children I have, what state I'm in, what TV shows I like, what stores I like to shop at, anything I ever shared on Facebook. Almost everywhere I went online when signed into Facebook, I was recognized, CNN, wherever. "Hi Adrienne!"

    I know some people enjoy being that connected and some people simply don't care. I find it highly annoying and creepy that by simply landing on a webpage, that company would know so many personal things about me. I just don't like it.

  10. don't get me wrong...I totally support your choice to not be involved with that's know how the internet has changed (it's changed DRASTICALLY in the 15 years I'VE been online) ain't gonna get any won't be long before G+ is doin' the same shit..then what? you give up the internet altogether??'s pretty much to the point where that isn't even an option anymore unless you're independently wealthy and live off the grid :/

    so yeah...I'll continue using all these things because they help take my mind off the serious shit that's goin' me unwind and make me smile...and I'd rather smile than worry about whether or not the internet is talkin' shit about me behind my back...I have enough of THAT in the real world! hehehe

  11. Yeah, see, that's just it! I don't want the net talkin' smack about me!

    Like my beloved goat porn! That's NONE OF THEIR DAMN BUSINESS! ;)


  12. hahaha OMG!! you're friggin' nuts! ROTFLMAO..GOAT PORN!! oh boy...