Thursday, October 13, 2011

what'll they think of next?

did you ever look at that giant bargain box of tampons at the bulk store and wonder...will I have enough time to use all those suckers before menopause hits?

well wonder no seems tampons are much more versatile than the manufacturers have led us to believe...oh yes! ..apparently they're useful for all sorts of handicrafts...

halloween is right around the corner..get in the spirit with some of these adorable little ghosts!! ...get creative..maybe you could hang one from your rear view mirror..or how 'bout a pair of earrings?? now THAT'S style!!

or maybe you're looking for something a little more challenging...try this festive thanksgiving turkey? talk about an interesting centerpiece...a real conversation starter!! ...and if any of your guests get a little tipsy and knock over their drink..why he's absorbent too ;)

or perhaps Christmas is more your thing...ya can't go wrong with this lovely nativity scene...after all..nothin' says 'feliz navidad' quite like a tampon baby jesus!!

for more nifty tampon craft HERE


  1. Holy fucking SHIT!!!!!!!!! OMG, that Turkey is just wrong on so many levels!!!! Hilarious, and I'm willing to be some actually have made it! You know when we finally hang out I'm bringing you tampons now!!! hahahahah

  2. Haha, my tampon days are OVAH! I still have a box in the bathroom, just in case my daughter or daughter-in-law needs one, though.


  3. the titles on here look different? or is it just on my end?? stupid computer did updates last night and now the title fonts on here look generic -- stupid technology!! ...why the hell would blogger offer different fonts if they aren't detectable by the average browser??


    after doing this post I realized that one of my very first posts on my old blog was about a tampon flower arrangement...I looked through the other stuff on and sure enough there it was!! evidently the years have done nothing to change my fascination with tampon crafting haaa

    Jessica ~ that would be hilarious..I'll show up at the gunk haus one day and you'll hand me a box of tampons!!!

    A ~ awesome!!! I remember you having some problems in that area...glad there are no more banishments to the red tent for you! haa especially the way you used to describe it!! ..gave ME nightmares..every time I get a heavy day I think SHIT..what if THAT starts happening to me??!! ...I think I'd hang myself!! ...I've been dealing with this crap since I was case anyone's doin' the math..that's almost 30 YEARS...I've had ENOUGH!!

    still time you have little Lily over you should break out a few of those spare tampons and make some ghosts!!

  4. Where the hell do you find this stuff? I nearly choked on my tea when I realized what I was looking at! And I second what Aid said. Menopause is FREEDOM! ;)

  5. yep, gonna give you a big ole box of tampons! amd I'm putting them on the table too!

  6. Ah, it wasn't that bad. Remember, I tend to over-dramatize everything, plus I was going through peri-menopause. There is a reason why the word "peri-menopause" is ancient Greek for "woman acting crazy".

    Nah, it isn't.

    But it should be. ;P

  7. Jocelyn ~ I love how you're so easily shocked! should know by now that I'm a weirdo hehehe

    Jessica ~ trust me that would NOT phase me! fact..try to stop me from breaking out a hot glue gun and making a tampon ghostie right there at the table!!

    A ~ well you certainly made it sound horrific! ...I had visions in my head of the scene in the shining where the blood rushes out of the elevator like a river down the hallway..heh! :)