Wednesday, October 12, 2011


ok so I promised JESSICA (check her out..she's cool...although she seems to like me an awful she MIGHT have a screw loose hahaha) and a bunch of other people that I would hurry up and get my recipes on hurry I did

basically it's just a collection of different recipes I've gathered throughout the years from family and friends and who knows where else..I just wanted an easy place to keep stuff that I could access if I was away from home without having to carry an actual recipe box (or cd or some other form of external media storage device thingy) so a lot of the notes and stuff might sound like I'm talking to myself...also because it was originally not meant to be public I didn't site the original sources (if I ever even knew them) ..if you know where any of them came from, let me know so I can give credit where credit is due :)

obviously it's a work in progress and I have MANY more recipes to add...and I'm still workin' on gettin' pics of all the different dishes (hafta cook em all again to get the I said..this wasn't originally meant to be shared..and I already know what the stuff looks like heh!)

ok so HERE (the link is also in the sidebar for future reference) ...for the most part it's all pretty easy and can be tinkered with to suit your own tastes...there's some slightly fancy stuff but mostly it's all just normal every day food...we be po' (that's ghetto speak for we ain't gots no stinkin' money) I tend to make a lot of stuff that streeeetches..soups, stews, one pot sometimes it looks like a lot..I don't really know how to cook for just two people...but that's ok cause leftovers save money!!


  1. The only weird about me is that you and I are an awful lot alike! (let's go people watchin hehehe)

    Yay!!!! So glad you FINALLY got your butt in gear and did it! Whooohooooo! Now this is the kick in the pants I need to do mine! ahhhhhhh. Like seriously, this is so freaking SMART!!!! You're a freaking GENIUS!!!!

    I hear ya on making things stretch! You'd be AMAZED what I can do with leftovers!

    Wait, are there people who can cook for just two people???? I'm confused....cause I sure can't!!! I cook for armies, legions, just don't know when they're gonna show up and eat! ;-)

  2. hahaha well it's not like I'm the first person to put some recipes online...but yeah..I am pretty awesome!! heh!

    if I didn't make things stretch I'm sure there would be plenty of days where we'd be fillin' up on PB&J ...and I just can't do that!! ...not to mention we'd go broke with the spousal unit buyin' lunch every day..YAY for leftovers!! :)