Monday, October 10, 2011

living well...

I made french toast for breakfast yesterday...we have this GREAT place near our house that grows the grains..then mills them to make the flour for their breads...I used their brioche..which I believe is french for 'fucking awesome'!!

we picked up the bread on Saturday as an afterthought while we were there treating ourselves to a couple of their super delicious burgers...

this place seriously ROCKS!! everything they use is either from their own farm or other LOCAL farms..the beef is AMAZING grass fed awesomeness..the bun is again fresh baked using flour made from grains they milled themselves..the cheese is also from a local farm..this particular one is a beer tilsit (which in case you're wondering, I'm pretty sure is german for 'fucking awesome') the greens (which you can tell were JUST picked!) come with this great apple cider vinaigrette..which of course they also make from scratch...they gave me the recipe a while back and I made it was super easy..when I figure out what I did with the recipe I'll post it :)

ideally we try not to eat anything from a factory or that was created in a lab (don't get me wrong..I have my guilty pleasures...but that's a post for another day :) ..for the most part I try to cook what we I know what the heck we're getting...but sometimes it's nice to go out and let someone else do the cooking (and the cleaning up!) it's so nice to have a place like this so close to where we live..where we can go and get a meal (or components for a meal) and KNOW that what we're eating is not just delicious..but actually GOOD for us!!

after all you ARE what you eat!!

this type of food is not only good for our's good for SOCIETY as a's important to know where your food is coming from and what it's made of...people are aging faster and getting more and more unhealthy at alarmingly younger ages than ever before because somewhere along the way we've lost touch with what's important...

we're all in such a hurry to get to the next thing on our endless 'to-do' lists we've come to think it's ok to load our bellies with whatever greasy, salty, sugary (albeit sometimes yummy) GARBAGE we can quick grab and shove down our throats on the way to whatever is next on our overloaded schedules

advertising and the government don't help with their lies and misinformation about what is healthy..but that too is a post for another day!

for now my point is this...we need to SLOW DOWN...take the time to think about WHAT we eat and WHERE it comes from...if we want to LIVE well..we need to EAT well..and I don't know about YOU but I want to live well!! 

I know I'm extremely fortunate to live where I do and have so many great restaurants, bakeries etc. for my lazy days..and resources for amazing ingredients at my fingertips for the times when eating out isn't an option...and I know this stuff is not so readily available to everyone, everywhere...

but that being said..I KNOW if people took the time to look around they'd find all sorts of awesome stuff like this right in THEIR own back yards!!

if you'd like to read more about SUSTAINABLE agriculture..and why it's SO important if we want the human race to continue to exist (not just exist but THRIVE) HERE

if you'd like to know where you can get your taste buds on some local, sustainable eats in your neck of the HERE


  1. We're lucky to live in an area where the "slow food" or bio-sustainable movement is very active too. We have lots of farmer's markets and local organic-type stores, etc. It makes a huge difference in taste, too. Awesome.

  2. I love this post!!!!! Love Love LOVE it!!! Which I believe is english for, this is fucking awesome!!! It's so nice to "meet" a like minded person!!!!!!

    Where did you go to eat? Red Devon or Wild Hive? (I'm guessing Wild hive, but it didn't look like their table so hmmmmmm)

    If you feel like taking a trip one day this way...come to Gunk Haus for lunch, I'll meet you there! They make the worlds most amazing burgers!!!!! And they come on pretzel buns! Oh YES!!!

    You think Brioche is good in french toast....oh you should try it in Bread Pudding!!!!! :-)

  3. A ~ where I live is like the east coast version of where you's great! (only better cause it's the east coast, baby!) haha
    and yes it makes a HUGE difference...not just in taste but in the way you feel afterward..NOT bogged down and lazy feeling! a meal from a place like applebees or DQ to a meal like this one and you can feel a definite difference in how your body reacts!!

    Jessica ~ hahaha I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you liked this post?! :) ...thanks! there are sadly way too few like minded people when it comes to this!

    it was wild hive...I'm like in love with that place!! goin' in there is like walkin' into another ALMOST don't even notice the swarm of citiots buzzin' around! haa

    it wasn't their's my kitchen counter...we brought the food home (they need some AC in that place!) hahaha

    I've never been to the Red Devon (I don't have a house I can take a second mortgage out on) haaa ...but seriously I would like to check it out at some point..before they go under (that place might be too much for the area it's in...I mean we're talking about a town with NO sidewalks or traffic lights where the only other place open after 8 is a gas station..ya know?)

    I don't get to that part of the other side of the river much..but I'd love to get out there some time...hopefully before the snow flies..maybe after the leaf peppers are gone...a yummy burger on a pretzel roll sounds awesome right about now!!

    and I've never MADE it but I've had brioche bread pudding...YUM!! ..I was thinkin' of makin' some for one of the holidays this year...maybe thanksgiving..I'm usually pretty busy with cookies and sticky toffee pudding at christmas

    I have a recipe for NUTELLA bread pudding that I've been DYING to try!!

  4. what the heck are leaf peppers?? obviously I meant PEEPERS..leaf peepers!!

  5. Unfortunately we no longer get to buy the organic/local foods because it's expensive. I miss the taste of real chicken from chickens that were allowed to walk around and live a real life before they were butchered, I miss local produce. The taste difference is truly amazing. These days we mostly eat mac-n-cheese, potatoes, etc. Safeway (our biggest supermarket chain out here) has sales like 10 boxes macaroni for 10 bucks, plus more discounts if you have coupons. Chicken parts on sale for 99 cents a pound; we snap those up and freeze them in individual pouches, things like that. I take the necks and wing tips, etc., and saute them to make a gravy, sometimes we'll have that over mashed potatoes. Cheap and filling.

    The best tasting chicken I ever had in my life was a farmer's market locally raised organic chicken I bought a couple of years ago. It was very small compared to the Foster Farms chicken Safeway carries, but so delicious! OMG! Tonoy and I still talk about that chicken! lol!

    Unfortunately it was also $17 for that one chicken. So yeah, I support the slow-food movement when I can but I can't very much these days. And produce? Forget about it. My daughter gave us a couple of tomato plants and we've had tomatoes recently but other than potatoes (which don't exactly count, ahaha!) we don't have fresh veggies or fruits anymore.

    SUCKS! And I MISS IT! SICK of mac-n-cheese and eggs and potatoes, my god. :(

    Anyway, I just came back to bitch a little, ahaha! :D

  6. A ~ I hafta start dinner but stay tuned cause believe it or not I have a potentially record breaking comment haha know you're always welcome to bitch here! :) ♥