Wednesday, December 7, 2011

keep the magic alive...

a friend of mine posted this on fb and I just thought it was too cool not to share...

I totally would have flipped over this when I was a kid..I remember one Christmas Eve I was so excited about Santa..I heard something outside that sounded like sleigh bells and I almost peed my pants!! 30+ years later I STILL remember the excitement I felt tryin' to get to sleep that night!!

kids grow up so fast..especially nowadays...ya gotta keep that magic alive as long as possible...let them dream and fill their minds with memories that will last a lifetime :)

anyway..check it input a pic and some things they've achieved over the year..things they could work on for next year..what they want for Christmas etc...and Santa sends them a personalized video message...for FREE!!

click the pic
you can even make one for us big kids...try making one that says you've been naughty..the choices are too funny!!

oh and if you have a few bucks to spare to take it one step further...HERE is a place where you can upload a pic of your living room/tree and drag & drop a pic of Santa into it...and you get a printed pic of Santa right in your own house!! ...ahh I LOVE technology!!

HAVE FUN!! :) ♥


  1. holy beejesus that's cool!!!! like seriously, if I was a kid I'd piss myself!!!!!!! LOVE it!!!

  2. the grown up one is cute too...some of the choices are hilarious!